Our grant application process is currently unavailable. Please check back for updates. Also, please see below for information regarding eligibility, timeline expectations, and applications.

If you do not meet the requirements for our specific grants, we have listed other organizations below that offer grants at various times of the year.

Eligibility Requirements:
  •  You must reside in Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, or Tennessee
  • You must be a permanent legal U.S. Resident with copy of green card, passport, or birth certificate
  • You must be married (in the traditional sense of husband and wife), with copy of marriage certificate
  • You must be the minimum age of 21
  • You can be any race/ethnicity, religious background
  • You must have the diagnosis of infertility and currently seeking treatment for reproduction assistance or seeking to adopt

Other information on the application process:

  •  You must turn in a completed application with required paperwork (there is a check-list with the application to assist you) no later than date specified at launch of application process.
  • Grant monies will be paid directly to the reproductive clinic or adoption agency and must be used between the dates specified at launch of application process.
  • Grant honorees will be notified via phone call after December 1st.  Due to the number of applications we receive, if you do not receive a phone call by December 1st, you did not receive a grant for this cycle.  However, please remember that you can reapply next year!
  • Do NOT include any pictures or information that you will want returned to you.  After the honorees have been notified, their applications will be kept for a required amount of days.  All other applications will be shredded, not returned or eligible for pick-up.
  •    You may NOT apply for both fertility and adoption grants within the same grant process. If you do not receive the grant for the current application process, you may reapply the following year.

Below you will find the application paperwork for both the Fertility Grant and Adoption Grant. Please return a completed application, along with the Financial Information questionnaire. Please review our Notice of Privacy Practices as well. If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at

Fertility Application

Adoption Application

Notice of Privacy Practices

Financial Information



Here is an ongoing list of foundations and organizations that offer grants for both treatment and adoption at various times during the year. If you know of other grants available, and are not listed, please contact us:

Fertility Grants

Adoption Grants 

*The above organizations listed are not connected to Chance to Hope and therefore do not share responsibility of any kind.  Chance to Hope is not responsible for the information or material provided on the listed sites.