Our Mission:
Chance to Hope is a Christian-based non-profit foundation whose mission is to give financial assistance to married couples who have been diagnosed with infertility and who are pursuing family-building through medical treatment or adoption. Additionally, we seek to offer resources for support, counseling, and information.
Background of Foundation:
In 2005, Courtney and Will Nalin embarked on their journey to becoming parents.  After a year of actively trying to conceive on their own, they sought help.  Courtney was diagnosed with endometriosis, a condition where tissue similar to the lining of the uterus (the endometrial stroma and glands, which should only be located inside the uterus) is found elsewhere in the body.  Following a laparoscopic surgery and multiple rounds of oral medications, Courtney and Will were referred to a reproductive endocrinologist.  When they were told more invasive treatments would be needed, discouragement overwhelmed them.  The cost alone of blood work, medications, ultra sounds, etc., was beyond comprehension, and their insurance would not be covering the majority of expenses.  Thankfully, through the support of friends and family, they were able to experience the joy of Courtney telling her husband “we’re pregnant” in 2008.  Unfortunately, the joy came to an end when they lost the baby in the first trimester.   Two months later, they found themselves pregnant for the second time.  They were able to welcome their son in to the world in 2009 and continuously count themselves blessed beyond measure. 
While on her journey to “mommy-hood”, Courtney found support from other women going through similar struggles.  The amount of stress and discouragement to a couple’s life is unimaginable unless someone experiences it for themselves.  Courtney was touched by the outpouring of support from not only her “real-life” friends, but the online world as well.  Because of this experience, and the permanent effect it had on her life, in 2010 she decided to pay it forward.  Longing to not only touch couple’s lives by raising funds, but to give them the ability to realize they are not alone, was the goal she set out to accomplish with Chance to Hope.

Meet Our Board!

Courtney Nalin~Founder/CEO
Courtney works as a full time Paramedic and is now a mom to 2.  She has been working with Chance to Hope since 2010 and continues looking for ways to help the infertile and adoption communities.
Michelle King~Treasurer
Michelle and her husband have been blessed with 2 children, and recognize the miracle in each of them.
Michelle works full-time and has an associates degree in Business Administration.
Laura Rickard~Secretary
Laura has had many experiences with fund-raising, organizing, and secretarial work.  She is a stay-at-home mom to 3 and runs her own baking business.
Bernie Sallee~Board Member
Bernie has been a member at his church for over 30 years.  He is currently the Treasurer for Metro Ministries, Inc. of Evansville.  He has been a Deacon in his church for over 20 years and plays bass on the worship team.
While he loves his wife (of 40 years) and children, he finds joy and appreciation of life through seeing his grandchildren.  His faith in God is strong and his compassion for those in need is equally apparent.
Meet Our Staff!
Sarah Ash~Action Team Member
Sarah works as a Paramedic and has been in the EMS field for over ten years.  When she isn’t at work, she volunteers her time with her local fire department and local search and rescue organizations and now Chance To Hope.  Sarah doesn’t have any human kids but does have Bear, her black German Shepherd “son,” along with two cats.  Last year, Sarah was diagnosed with stage IV (severe) endometriosis, along with some other problems, which came as a complete surprise to her.  Although Sarah has never attempted to conceive, she knows that she could have problems in the future, and therefore wants to help people who are currently struggling to know that there are people out there that care and want to help.
Suzy~Bloggers for Hope Coordinator and Action Team Member
Suzy and her husband Ike have been married for 21 years and have been on and off the infertility roller-coaster many times.  Ike was diagnosed with severe Azoospermia and Suzy was diagnosed with PCOS and Endometriosis.  After experiencing many years of treatments, they now look forward to adoption.

Suzy just recently resigned from her job to be able to focus on their adoption journey.  In her spare time you can find her blogging, tweeting, knitting, and keeping their 6 year old Australian Cattle dog, Marty, away from her shoes and Vera Bradley collection.

You can find Suzy blogging over at Not a Fertile Myrtle, where she’s made her home for over 2 years.

Erickia Wilson~Support Group Facilitator

Seven years ago, Erickia married her high school sweetheart, Michael. They are the proud parents of 6 Angels. Although she is a Banker by trade, her passion is photography and dream is to be a Mom here on earth. After 3 miscarriages, they found out Erickia had thrombophilia and began their infertility journey. After years of trying Plan A, Plan B and Plan C with no luck, they decided to adopt embryos and became pregnant with triplets. After losing their triplets (4th pregnancy), they decided to take a break, which is where they are now.
Erickia said “we asked God that not one tear would be in vain and that He find a way to use them for His Glory. God put it on my heart to lead a support/awareness group for those longing for children so I’m honored to team up with Courtney and Chance to Hope to help facilitate such a group!”
Sarah G.~Photographer
Sarah is primarily a natural light photographer working in the Evansville, IN area specializing in family portraiture. Photography is her escape and creative outlet.  She loves the concept of freezing a single frame and by it creating a permanent representation of life at that moment. What intrigues her about this art is having the ability to pause time for a fraction of a second and then keep that moment in time forever in an album or on a wall.  She’s a sentimentalist at heart.
As with most photographers, it began as a hobby- documenting the moments of her children’s lives, which grew into a full-blown obsession!  As samples of her work began circulating the internet, more and more interest came her way.  So today she’s thrilled to be able to turn her passion for this craft into a small business.
As a mother of two little boys, Sarah says, “I understand the desire for family and the importance of pouring love into a little one’s life.  That’s why I am honored to be partnering with Chance To Hope on future projects!”
To see samples of her portfolio or for info about pricing, check out Morning Glory Photography Find her onFacebook or Email her for session availability at sarahg3@gmail.com

**Interested in joining our Action Team? You will need to be self-motivated, able to devote a few hours a week to the foundation needs, and work well as both a leader and team player.  If you would like to know more, please contact us at chancetohope@gmail.com with “Action Team” as subject.